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Automan Crank Hub Kit for A/Fuel Motors

 Use this kit when adding a ATI balancer to a blower crank hub.

This Steel spacer solves the bolt breakage problems of using the aluminum spacer.  Spacer places the balancer and starting jaw in the proper position for using a starter on the crank to start an injected nitro motor. Spacer fastens directly to the ATI balancer, with six 5/16-24 counter sunk, torx plus fasteners.  The thin spacer is added to the front of the ATI balancer, with the RCD starter jaw. and fastened to the crankshaft hub with the six 12 pt. Grade 9  3/8-24 bolts.  Stainless steel shims then are used to properly space the RCD starter plate on the aluminum standoffs for proper starter jaw engagement.

Both steel spacers machined from pre heat treated 4142 chrome moly.

Works with all blower pulley crank hubs, regular or splined,  including crank hubs with ‘flying magnet’ degree rings.

Comes with all needed spacers, bolts, and shims to properly apply the RCD starter.  Instructions included.

RCD crank starter jaw is not included in this kit.

Produced since 2005

$300.00  US D

#275.00 USD Racer Net



Automan Crank Bolt Kit

This all steel crank bolt kit is used to solve the crank snout damage.

Use of  this kit solves the crank hub from galling to the crankshaft snout on engines with dampeners or blower drives.

This Belleville washer design is made from chrome vanadium spring steel.

The 3/4-16 bolt is a grade L-9 hex head that is torqued up to 400 foot pounds.

The use of a flange head bolt does not allow the bolt to have proper torque stretch.  The flange works like a frictional clutch, robbing some of the torque of the torque wrench from properly tightening and stretching the bolt.

This bolt and washer properly clamps the crank hub to the crank snout, eliminating the back and forth movement that galls the hub and snout together. This galling action makes it nearly impossible to remove the crank hub from the crank.

For use on standard 426 crank snouts, and spline snouts.

For spline snouts and outboard bearing supports, please call 530-308-8827 for needed information so you get the correct length crank bolt kit the first time.

The standard 426 kit comes with a standard 2″ long L-9 bolt and detailed instructions.

Longer bolts up to 6″ are available, and special length bolts are made as ordered, at additional cost.

Produced since 1996

$50.00 US D

$45.00 US D Racer Net

Checkout the Automan Torque Bars in the ‘Hand Tools’ page, for holding the crank hub when torquing the crank hub bolt.



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U-Fit and Weld Burst Panel Mount

 This is used for adding a bust panel to a manifold that does not have one, or to add a second burst panel.

This U-Fit and weld burst panel mount is just the answer for adding a burst panel, or adding a second burst panel.  Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, drilled and taped 10-24 female threads.  Made extra thick to allow fitting to your application as needed.  Use 5356 aluminum welding rod to weld to your manifold.

Produced since 2005

125.00$ US D

$115.00 US D Racer Net



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