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Timer Adjustment Tool

Used to loosen, adjust timer adjustment Allen head cap screw and retighten lock nut.


This simple but handy tool is a simple answer to pneumatic timer time adjustment.  Simple in design, the ball prevents over tightening of the adjustment screw lock nut.  Timer adjustment tool sits on timer adjustment screw until timer adjustment is finished.  1/4 internal hex with a contained 3/32 hex ball driver for all #4 Allen head cap screws, and lock nuts.

Produced since 1996

$30.00 US D

Racer Nat $25.00 US D




Injector Shaft Idle Stop Adjustor Tool

If you have ever tried to adjust injector idle stops on a running engine, This tool is the answer!


I developed this tool to solve the difficult job of adjusting Injector blade openings to set the idle on a running engine.  The hollow 3/8 hex  ended tube with a handle is long enough to reach the most inaccessible adjustment areas Allen screws and lock nuts.  The 5/32 long Allen tee handle driver is slid through the 3/8 nut driver to use as a combination to loosen the lock nut, adjust the idle stop screw, and re-tighten the lock nut, .  A 5/32 long Allen tee handle, with the end machined to 3/32 hex is included for those who use a set screw for idle adjustment to save the added weight of a headed 10-24, or 10-32 Allen head cap screw.

Produced since 2005

$75.00 US D

Racer Net $70.00 US D



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Ball End Drivers

For installing and removing  AN-12 & AN-16 button head plugs


These handy tee handle 9/16 hex ball drivers are used to remove and install AN-12 & AN-16 Button plugs in oil pans, oil fill ports, fuel systems and for use when filling Alcohol starting tanks. Made of billet aluminum hex stock.  They come in 3 different lengths to assist in the needed application. 3″, 6″, and 12″.  Tee handle is pinned to the driver, and is 4″ wide on all.  All are made from 5/8″ hex stock, so a wrench can be applied to assist in tightening or to loosen.

Produced since 2006

$21.00 US D for the 3″ driver /  $23.00 US D for the 6″ driver /  $25.00 US D for the 12″ driver

Racer Net less 5%



11/16 Xtra Deep x 1/2 Drive Torque Socket

For transferring all of the torque wrench torque to the 11/16″ 12 point head nuts, or clutch nuts.


This 6 1/2″ long 11/16″ 12 point deep socket for a 1/2″ square drive stops the torque loss of using a short standard socket with a socket extension.  When using a socket extension it allows some of the torque from the torque wrench to twist the extension like a torsion bar and not be delivered to the socket that is turning the nut.  The 6 1/2″ length is made so the use of an extension is not required .  It is used on head stud nuts, and clutch stand stud nuts.  Not for use with an air Impact gun. (rattle guns).

If you have ever adjusted the stands on a clutch with the can on and dropped the socket in the can, then you know how handy this tool can be. It extends outside of the can.

Produced since 2008

$49.95 US D

Racer Net $45.95 US D


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Down Nozzle Jumper Line Wrenches


A much needed tool for changing down nozzle jets on a hot motor.

These down nozzle wrenches are a simpler way to loosen, and tighten the 7/16 hex jumper line nuts.  Made in a true left hand and right hand configuration, with a long 3/8″ offset handles for ease of use.

Made from forged steel wrenches.

Sold as a left and right pair.

Manufactured since 1996

$45.00 US D

Racer Net Less 10%


Hemi head Spark Plug Pocket Plugs and Tweezers

Keeps the brass down nozzle jets out of the cylinders


This simple set of plugs tied together with a black cord and the 12″ pair of stainless steel tweezers are used for changing down nozzle jets on a Chrysler hemi engine.  Using the 12″ long tweezers to place the plugs into the open spark plug hole pockets to prevent a brass nozzle jet from accidently entering the cylinder through the open spark plug hole.  The tweezers are machined with a “jet slot” on the tips to facilitate changing the nozzle jet on a hot motor. When finished just pull on the cord to remove the plugs, and move on the next cylinder as needed.

Produced since 2006

$45.00 US D

Racer Net $40.00 US D



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Xtra Large Blowgun Nozzle

For blowing down a Nitro motor after a pass


This extra large blowgun nozzle is a need item in the “pits”, and race shop. It allows the user to blow all fuel, oil, and debris out of all lines, hoses, and barrel valves from AN-3 to AN-16. It is made of a type of nylon that is not effected by Nitro,  Alcohol, Gasoline, or Oil. It comes with a 1/8 male pipe threaded 7/16 hex end, which installs in most hand operated air guns.

Produced since 1997

$18.00 US D

Racer Net $15.00 US D




Engine Torque Bars

 For torquing the crank hub bolt.

Made from 1/2″ billet plate, this solves the problem of torquing the crank bolt to high torque values while holding the crankshaft from turning.  Torque bar simply bolts to the crank hub with the six  provided 3/8-24 grade 8 bolts and thick washers like a blower pulley.  This gives a simple way to hold the crank while torquing the crank hub bolt.  Two different lengths are made to allow for the following.  The 2 foot long torque bar is to allow it to rotate to the frame rail, when the engine is installed in the chassis.  The 3 foot long torque bar gives extra leverage when the engine is on an engine stand.  Both torque bars have nonslip handles.  Six taped holes are provided for storage of the six bolts and washers when not in use.

Produced since 2004

Polished and anodized royal purple.

$90.00 US D  For short 3 foot torque bar.

$115.00 US D  For long, 4 foot torque bar.

Racer Net less 5%



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